Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Material

DI-MAX® HF-10X is a fully processed, non-oriented electrical steel designed for use in high speed motors, traction motors, aircraft generators, and other rotating equipment operating at frequencies above 60 Hz. DI-MAX® HF-10X is supplied in a nominal thickness of 0.25 mm.

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Magnetic Properties

DI-MAX HF-10X offers best in class performance at thicknesses of 0.25 mm. 


  • Lowest core loss offered
  • Aid increasing motor efficiency
  • High yield and tensile strength


Release grading is based on as-sheared Epstein test and core loss at 1.0 T and 400 Hz in accordance with ASTM A343 (reference data at frequencies above 400 Hz were developed in conformance with ASTM A348). Representative properties using stress relief annealing are shown for reference. 

Magnetic Induction at 2500 A/m (B25): 1.56 T Magnetic Induction at 5000 A/m (B50): 1.66T Volume Resistivity:   59 μΩ•cm Saturation Induction: 1.97 

Insulative Coating

DI-MAX HF-10X is available in three insulative coatings: C-5 phosphate, CARLITE®, ANTI-STICK™, and C-5-R.

Mechanical and Physical Properties

Density: 7.60 gm/cm3 Yield Strength: 450 MPa Tensile Strength: 585 MPa Elongation, % in 2": 20% Rockwell Hardness: B Equivalent 90 Vickers Hardness: 193 Thickness Aim: 0.25 mm Tolerance: ±0.02 mm Strip Crown: 0.005 – 0.006 mm

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