Steel Making & Sustainability

AK Steel 2017 Sustainability Report

I’m pleased to share our newly expanded 2017 Sustainability Report with you.

From an environmental standpoint, 2017 was an excellent year. Our steelmaking operations, for example, set company records for both air and water compliance, demonstrating strong commitment throughout our business.

While we have been committed to sustainability across our sites and produced a sustainability report for many years, we are taking the next step forward to share more of our results and goals. That includes information about the sustainable practices and projects at our steelmaking operations where we produce innovative carbon, electrical and stainless steels, in addition to sharing the good work of our employees and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

We also believe it is important to provide some perspective about our work in the steelmaking business. For instance, many people are surprised when they learn that steel is the most recycled material on the planet—significantly more is recycled than paper and plastic products combined.

I hope you will read more in the pages that follow about our policies and practices related to Human Rights, Diversity and Community; Environmental Responsibility; Sustainable Projects and Energy; Health and Safety; and Corporate Governance and Ethics.

We are proud of our ongoing progress, and are committed to growing additional opportunities as we focus on providing innovative steel solutions to meet our customers’ needs today and for the future.

Roger K. Newport
Chief Executive Officer
May 2018

Summary Highlights

Sustainability Infographic

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