Consumers spent $1 billion fighting microbes last year. Now you can give them products with real strength.

Do you want to make steel products even stronger? Carbon steels coated with the AgION® antimicrobial compound from AK Coatings, a subsidiary of AK Steel, suppress the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi and other microbes. These versatile antimicrobial-coated steels are ideal for consumer and industrial applications in appliance, construction, food processing, food equipment, HVAC and medical markets—anywhere the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi may be a concern.

AK Coatings offers coated carbon steel products up to 60" wide in gauges from .018" to .060". Products are also available up to 48" wide in gauges from .060" to .075". Virtually any commercial grade is available and heavier gauge coating line capabilities are being developed. In addition, the coated steels can be formed, bent or drawn using conventional fabricating procedures. Treated steel articles may also be welded and the surface coating repaired.

The AgION antimicrobial coating is a polymer-based film coating. AK Coatings can coat one or both sides of the product with the AgION antimicrobial compound. For example, a standard pigmented coating may be applied to one side of the steel and a clear, epoxy coating containing the AgION compound may be applied to the other side.

Learn more about our coated carbon steel at AK And discover just how strong your steel products can be.

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